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Portfolio Selection

Miami Beach hotel project

designated apartment building with 56 units
acquqired in 2014 ; 32.000sqft usable area
projected conversion to hotel in 2023

Miami Midtown retail

2 adjoining retail centers in Miami Midtown
25,000sq.ft of usable space and 40,000sq.ft of land

Fort Lauderdale Office

Fort Lauderdale SE 17th street Office building 

62.000sq.ft usable space, acquired in 2007

Chicago Retail

Chicago Downtown-Streeterville
retail property, let to Social Hampton

future development site; acquired in 2021

Berlin Mitte residential

apartment building in Torstraße, Berlin-Mitte
52 apartments, 3800m² living space
acquired in 1998

Berlin Mitte/Reinickendorf building project

Markstrasse, Berlin Mitte/Reinickendorf

existing Edeka supermarkt on 12.000m² plot of land

building project with 24.000m² of residential, office and retail
planned realization 2024-25

Berlin serviced apartments

Brunnenstraße Berlin Mitte
55 serviced apartments, 3500m² floor space
office conversion project in 2019; New construction 2022

Berlin retail park

Ollenhauer Straße, Berlin Reinickendorf
multi tenant retail park with 3600m² floor space 

9.000m² plot of land; acquisition in 2012

Berlin supermarket

Siemensstrasse, Berlin Steglitz
Supermarket leased to Edeka with 5500m² of usable space

7433m² of land; acquisition in 2011

Berlin Weissensee, medical office & residential

Schönsstrasse, Weissensee
2 adjoining medical office centers with 20 specialists

acquired in 2015; 6140m² usable space

new residential project, completion in 2022

Düsseldorf Hotel

Graf-Adolf Strasse, Düsseldorf, close to main train station
Hotel with 146 rooms leased to Intercity
acquired and converted from office to hotel use in 2001-2003

Düsseldorf hotel and education centre

Worringer Platz , Düsseldorf city centre
Hotel with 37 rooms and education building with 4650m² usable space
Acquisition in 2019 and 2020

Düsseldorf office building

Immermannstraße, Düsseldorf city centre
multi tenant office building with 3250m² usable space, y

acquisition in 2018

Frankfurt office building

Münchener Strasse, Frankfurt city centre

office building in walking distance to main train station

2250m² usable space, acquisition in 2011

Hamburg retail centre

Hamburg Bergedorf
multi tenant retail centre with 4000m² of usable space

12,800m² of land; Acquisition in 2021

Cologne Braunsfeld building project

Scheidtweiler Street, Cologne Braunsfeld

residential and retail project with 5.200 m² usable space
4,000m² site; planned realisation in 2024

Cologne Braunsfeld Supermarket

Scheidtweiler Strasse, Cologne  Braunsfeld
supermarket leased to Dohle Handelsgruppe

6,200m² usable floor space; acquisition in 2014

Cologne Ehrenfeld building project

Subbelrather Strasse, Cologne Ehrenfeld
new building project with 16,000m² residential, hotel and retail space
on a 8.000m² site , planned realization 2024-25

Cologne residential building

Barbarossaplatz, Cologne city centre
27 apartments, 1600m² floor space
acquisition in 2012

Cologne Hotel

Friesenplatz, Cologne city centre
Hotel with 54 rooms leased to Limehome
Acquisition in 2016, conversion office to hotel use in 2019

Cologne apartment building

Rinkenpfuhl, Cologne city centre
28 apartments, 925m² usable floor space
Acquisition in 2013

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