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Real Estate Investments in Germany & USA

Corporate Info

Dr. Rüger group of companies own and develop residential, retail, office and hotel properties in Germany and the US. 

We currently hold 1.2 million square feet of real estate and 1.4 million square feet of land in our portfolio, in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf ) and in the US (Miami and South Florida).

We are looking to grow and acquire more properties, development projects and real estate companies.

Our properties are held by our various investment companies, among them Dr. Rüger Holding, Gerdom Holding, Berliner Boden GmbH, Inter GmbH, RDR GmbH, Rüger Family LP, Intervest Quay LP and Villa Terrace Holding Corp.

Corporate History

Dr.Renatus Rüger started in 1960 with the development of residential properties in western Germany.

The first real estate investment funds were issued in the late 60´s and through the launch of over 50 funds with a total volume of over 2.5 billion Deutsche Mark the Dr.Rüger group became one of the leading real estate corporations in Germany in the 70´s.

The construction of large scale residential projects and holiday resorts, as well as the takeover of several listed real estate investment companies contributed to more growth in the 80´s. 

Since 1990 the sole focus of management is the own property portfolio in Germany and the US. 

In 2008 Dr.Rüger handed over management of the family business to his children Diana Gerdom and René Gerdom.

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